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An average-sized planet like Earth boasts of 195 countries sharing international borders and over 4000 cities on its surface. Needless to give a ballpark for the number of towns. Each time you take your car for a spin, you cross numerous towns and pin codes, some of which you have not even heard of despite living in the same place for decades. Those quaint towns serve a great purpose in the books, fantasy novels, and fictional small-town stories. While the population in big cities is exploding every day, we all find refuge in books that detail the life nested in a small town, away from the hustle-bustle of this millennium of skyscrapers and block after block of office spaces.  

All writers have a mental block when they try to place their stories in a town unheard of. It is challenging to name a place people can get lost in and want to escape to. Our free Town name generator will be your backbone in such efforts. After careful searches and brainstorming, we have fed our generator with just the right town names that can find their place in your stories, imagination, movie scripts, television series, vacation idea or can even be used to name your child. 

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Our free town name generator consists of hundreds of quaint town names from all over the world. Think of an English village or an American countryside town and you will find it right here in our generator. With happy go lucky people and small neighborhood markets where everyone knows everyone, small towns still retain their old-world charm. Click on the free town name generator above to obtain a list of towns and places that can send your imagination on a ride or become a muse for your next book. Choose from a plethora of choices offered and simply keep generating more names, should you need more ideas.

Naming kids after the name of places

A good city or town name can spark an idea for naming your child. Many celebrities have their names after famous cities and towns and they sound unique and interesting. Famous Lord of the Rings Elf played by Orlando Bloom gets his name from Orlando, a city in Florida. Similarly, a girl child names Brooklyn sounds fun and jovial while she gets her name from a borough of New York City. Socialite and the famous heiress Paris Hilton was named after the city of romance and the French capital. The winner of several accolades Eugene Levy was named after a town in Oregon. Pretty popular English name Charlotte comes from the city of Charlotte in North Carolina and the list is endless.

Use our free town name generator and equip yourself with the names of beautiful little towns. Send people off on a dreamy journey with that name in your book or use it to name your online avatar, your child or create a web series placed in that town. Use it however you want and just like always, our generators are fresh and free!

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