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Welcome to the Free Tiefling Name Generator where you can get acquainted with hundreds of Tieflings names from Dungeons and Dragons universe for gratis. Whether you’re working on a fantasy book or trying to find an authentic name from dungeons and dragons cosmos for your online avatar, our free Tiefling name generator will be of commendable service. Simply click on the generator and get instant access to a species that shares half its blood from humans and the other half from fiends.


Physical traits of a Tiefling

Children of the union of human and fiend, Tieflings are odd-looking humanoids. Although they get most of their looks from humans, they also have large horns on them that differ in shape and size. While some Tieflings possess tall and straight horns, others have them curled or spiral. Unlike their one parent, human, they also have tails that measure about 4 to 5 feet in length and are pretty thick in circumference. The tails of the Tieflings curl up around their legs when they are disappointed or are displaying an angry emotion. Talking about the sharp appearance, their eyes and extra fingers speak volumes about their devilish personality too. The color of the eyes on this species can be red, white, gold, silver or black. In stark contrast to their different eye color than the average human, their skin speaks on the tunes of human melanin. Tieflings possess skin color very similar to the human race that sometimes has hues of red as well. The same can be said about their hair as well, their hair can be black and brown or red and purple. Their height is synonymous with that of humans. One peculiar feature of a Tiefling is its sharply pointed canine teeth that look almost like natural weapons. They age just like humans although they are believed to have slightly longer lives than an average human. As far as vision is in question, a tieflings owes a lot to its infernal heritage from which it gets a crisp and clear vision even in the dark and dimly lit places. One really cool attribute of a Tiefling is its resistance to fire that comes handy in most scenarios during the game. Most people find Tieflings’ appearance really cool and call them their favorite race of the Dungeons and Dragons mega world. 

Social traits and nature

Tieflings dwell mostly in human towns and often in the shady parts of it. Consequently, they grew up to be criminals often indulging in petty crims of theft, swindling and duping. Due to this, most people are generally mistrusting of this race and keep a close watch on them. They breathe over their shoulders when Tieflings pass the town because of their history of coming from the fiendish origin. They get insults and whispers from town people for their evil looks and infernal heritage. Just like fellow humans, Tiefling can deal with such behavior with either intimidation of grace and charm. Since childhood, they understand the struggles of life and the ways to fight for survival. They develop the fighting spirit and do not believe anyone on mere face value. A tiefling usually makes a good warlord or a wizard. They are the foes of another super race called Dragonborns in the same fantasy epic game of Dungeons and Dragons. Hence they are perceived as antiheroes. They are fairly suspicious of everyone they come across and only place their trust in individuals who show that they extend the same trust towards them. That being said, they are warm friends and allies for life once they bypass the initial turbulence of questioning new people for their values and intentions. 

Names of the race

Tiefling names are usually harsh to read and hear due to their infernal heritage. Sometimes the names can sound almost human-like but that is not particularly common in this species. Most names do not have a dulcet ring to it and feel like they are representing demons. Tiefling names can broadly be classified into three major categories. A tiefling born and raised in a unique culture will have its name derived from that culture. Some tieflings get their name from nether language that rolled down from generations of fiends, for example, Makaria, Ullos, Nemeia, Mocaci, Lados, Cairon, Khialseh Rieta and Morthos. The remainder of the Tieflings get their names from the concept they are living with or things they adapt from their surroundings. Examples of some concept and virtue names are Art, Glee, Expert, Ideal, Free, Hope, Poetry, Sorrow, Quest, and Reverance.

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