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What is Star Wars?

If you do not know about Star Wars, you must have been living under a huge rock on a distant planet. Every country in every continent is abreast of the Space Opera media franchise. The first film rolled out in 1977 and quickly became a rage. Its massive success lead it to have sequels one after another to the count of 12 in total. While the first 8 films got their nomination at the Academy Awards, all twelve movies combined accumulated a total of 9 billion USD. To give you an idea about Star Wars, in case you are unaware, it revolves around three sets of trilogies. Apart from the movies, Star Wars exploded in the world of video games,novels, comics, theme park attractions and merchandise. The vast universe it boasts has a multitude of characters, each with a different expansive fan base. 


The theme of a century!

The plot features a distant planet where humans coexist with droids aka robots and aliens and space travel has become a regular thing, thanks to the hyperspace technology. The franchise came up with interesting characters throughout all their movies that radiated the shades of evil as well as heroic and last, but not least ‘somewhere in between’ which hints to Lando Calrissian of course. He is the perfect womanizer who gambles his days away but turns his back to that sleazy life only to pursue a respectable position as a mining administrator, later the role of a Rebel Alliance hero. There’s also Luke Skywalker in stark contrast to Lando, who is a goody two shoes in the Star

Wars universe who respect elders, works hard, is honest who goes up from being a good kid to saving the entire galaxy from evil. He is the perfect hero for which the families go to watch the movie. 

It will be a shame to not mention the most iconic villains of cinema of all time, Darth Vader. His voice sends a chill down everyone’s spine and his screen presence turns dead people in their grave. He snaps necks like we crush paper. He is said to be the best creation of Hollywood till date who enjoys the salutes of the audience worldwide.

Let us now take you to that universe and give you a host of options for names from Star Wars megaworld. Simply click on our Free Star Wars Name Generator and imagine yourself landed in another galaxy among space pilots, princesses and robots. 

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