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Originally put together by St. Jerome in A.D 400, the Holy Bible was compiled in Ancient Latin. The Bible  contains manuscripts of 39 Books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament. It is the oldest book to exist in the world that scatters beauty and truth in everyone’s lives even today. The Holy Bible illustrates God's story of salvation and teaches us how the Almighty keeps us on the path of righteousness and protects us from the sins. 

Reading the verses of the Holy Bible can bring tranquility and clarity to a disturbed mind. Every devoted Christian  goes through the verses to find direction and happiness of life. Only when you follow the path laid by God, you will find a stress-free, truly awake soul that’s benevolent, calm and loving. Our free Random Bible Verse Generator will produce random holy verses for you to feel closer to God and follow his direction. No need to carry the book in your bag, just access us through your smartphone, laptop or tablet and enchant the verses. Set to put your mind at peace and heart in serenity, our Bible verse generator will send our positivity and get you abreast with a plethora of verses everyday. Learning the verses was never this easy. Learn at your pace and click on next to obtain a fresh set.  

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Get started

Our random bible verse generator is home to myriad of soulful verses that drench your soul in purity and benevolence. Feel the presence of light and wisdom in your life with a click of a button.  God is omnipresent and remembering his words everyday will bless your day and calm your life. Click on the Generate Random Bible Verse button above to obtain a new random verse and deepen your relationship with almighty. 

The teachings of John, Ida, Josh and Matt will take you by the finger and navigate you through a tough time. Generate random bible verses with our one click generator and remember the verses in good and bad times. 

Begin your day right

Click on the verse generator above to obtain random verses from the Holy Bible and start your day with a prayer. Begin your day with on a positive note that will help you throughout in keeping thoughts clean and good energies in your pocket. For being on the path of righteousness and morally correct behavior, these Bible verses will help you out. Every day is a new day and watering only constructive thoughts by remembering God is surely set to pack that day with efficacy and positivity. 

Learning made easy with our new Bible Verse Generator 

We know it’s hard to remember the entire Bible, so we brought to you the guide to random verses which will enlighten your day and  also calm your nerves in not so good times. Our Bible Verse Generator is fairly easy to use, just keep clicking on the button and get immediate access to thousands of carefully picked verses. You will be delighted to find the verses you might have forgotten long ago. It is a good way to remember the preachings and can be used at your Sunday church service to randomly test your friend’s memory of the verses. Visit our generator through your mobile and click on new verses to have a small game with your loved ones. You can access our Random Bible verse generator from anywhere and at any time. 

Put your command over the Bible to an honest test 

Sit with your friends after the Sunday church service and put their Bible knowledge to a test. Obtain a random verse from our generator and ask the passage to the verse from your friends and family. It is a fun way to hold a healthy competition and have a reality check on how close you are to the Holy Bible that preaches righteousness. Like a true devout, you’ll be abreast with the Holy verses and will feel more tranquil in day to day life. 

Complement your faith with knowledge 

Having faith in your God is the supreme serenity but having an everyday relationship with him is the key to absoluteness. Go through the verses everyday with our Random Bible Verse Generator and strengthen your relationship with the almighty. Be cognizant of the word of Christ without having to open the Holy book. Obtain a new verse as many times as you like and sprinkle some assurance and courage in your day. His path is the way to comprehensive happiness. 

Let us know if our generator was useful to you. Find random bible verses before sleeping and remember God before shutting the eye. We constantly update our generator so come back again for new verses. May his Hand be upon you.

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