Orc Names

Nobody is strange to the fantasy fiction Lord of the Rings and its supreme wonder world. J.R.R Tolkien created such a fantasy universe that attracted each and everyone like a magnet attracted to iron. In its unparalleled kingdom, we saw different species, all playing distinct roles and exhibiting various different characteristics. One such character was the humanoid creatures called Orcs who were a race akin to Goblins. They are made of dirt, heat, and slimes of the earth and are acutely aggressive, repulsive and plain evil. Here we bring to you a Free Orc Name Generator where you can obtain hundreds of Orc Names for no personal cost to you. You may use this generator to print multiples names for the evil character in your book or an avatar in the game or just to name a humanoid villain in your movie if you’re from the production house. The grandeur of the mega universe created by Tolkien is unrivaled till date. This abhorrent species behaved as spiteful as they looked. They were created in the fires of Mordor and served the Dark Lord Sauron. If you’re scratching your head to name a similar malicious character, use our Free Orc name generator and get au courant with the plethora of Orc names that will sound exactly as filthy as their personalities.


Outlook and Personality of Orcs

Orcs were made of filth, dirt, and slime in the fires of Mordor and looked like apes with huge bodies. They walked on two legs just like humans that is why they are referred to as humanoid characters. The color of their bodies was muddy brown and dirty green. They always came in as an army and never alone. Orcs were considered to be violent but unintelligent forces, blindly following orders from their leader. Most of the times, they served as They were mostly used as fresh fish by Sauron to fight the purer species of Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Hobbits and more. Their purpose of existence was to serve the Dark Lord and die in capturing his enemies. They looked so repulsive that looking at them in the movie or reading about them in books would bring out a strong negative emotion of disgust among the audience. For naming your character with such aggressive despiteful name is unthinkable without the help of the internet. This is where our Free Orc name generator comes into the picture. Click on our generator to produce hundreds of such names and name the demon in your upcoming series, book or for any theme you seem fit. Such hideous personalities need an equally abominable name. 

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