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Welcome to the Free Khajiit Names Generator. We have a library of hundreds of Khajiit names available for you.The fantasy humanoid character you want to name will find its answer right here with our free Khajiit name generator. Whether you are looking for a character name for your book or trying to build a game with humanoid universe, our free generator will be of good service to you at absolutely no cost.

Brought to life by the famous Elder Scrolls game, Khajiit were the peculiar humanoid cats that were equipped with unparalleled stealth and agility while having some human like virtues in them. The game consists of 10 races along with beasts, humans and more and Khajiit represented the most nomadic race of that world. They carry a negative reputation associated with theft but they are still kept in high regard for their well mastered skills and cleverness. Other races do consider them resourceful but they are too nervous to trust Khajiits for their tainted repute among all.

To get a list of Khajiit names for your fantasy world, simply click on the button to generate random Khajiit names. You may click multiple times to generate hundreds of names to choose and pick from. Note that male and female Khajiit have different names, so while picking a name for your character, do keep that in mind. 


This humanoid cat race has Arabic influence therefore their name carry a strong Arabic tone to it. Some popular Khajiit names are- Zara,  Akh’ar, Ambar, Fadul, Monir and Sindul. Much like other races, Khajiit also come with a first name, last name and the titles that define them. Titles hold the essence of their repute, for example, Dar means clever for male Khajiit and inquisitive for female Khajiit. Dro stands for elder and wise for males and Dro goes for witted and wise for females. One peculiarity of the race is that it speaks about itself in third person for example a Khajiit named Fadul would say “Fadul will go there tomorrow” rather than conveying “I will go there tomorrow”. Simply click on our free Khajiit name generator and get acquainted with the names of this mythical universe. 

When naming a Khajiit character, please use the correct honorific. Honorifics suggest the status in life for a Khajiit. It is incorrect to use a wrong honorific for a Khajiit. The prefix used is usually separated by an apostrophe and rarely a hyphen. The Khajiit names will always come with a prefix or a suffix and in a few cases, both to represent their reputation in the society.

Our generator is set to produce innumerable Khajiit names that will represent your online gaming avatar or the character of the fantasy book you’re writing in true light of its given character. Keep clicking ‘next’ to generate options that will give you the best suited names for your personal Khajiit.

We endeavour to bring you with the free names that you can use without any hassle or excessive pondering.  Do let us know about the name you ended up choosing from our Free Khajiit Name Generator and write to us telling how can we serve you better.

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