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The land of the rising sun and the West of the East, Japan is arguably the most developed country in the far east. It ranks 11th in the list of most populous countries in the world and with 127 million people gracing the small area, it is quite densely populated for its size. Known for its ancient rich cultural heritage and the greatness of its kingdom, the Japanese language is not just highly respected but most of the times, it's the only language spoken in major parts of the country. The japanese do not like to converse or name their things in a foreign language out of massive regard for their native dialect. One would never come across a true Japanese names as Tom, Thomson or Jared. It is very unlikely for a Japanese person to associate with American or European culture. If you are trying to write a book with a few Japanese characters in it or in the middle of building a game that involved Japanese avatars, or even if you're just helping a fellow colleague pick a name for their unborn child, our free Japanese name generator will help you zero down on the best suited name. Like we all know, thinking of an authentic Japanese name without knowing too much about their culture is not just hard but nearly impossible, our absolutely free Japanese name generator will help you figure out viable options you can begin choosing with.


Getting Started

Our Japanese name generator is home to thousands of Japanese first and last names. Japanese do not use a middle name albeit, they do use courtesy words to call each other. A respectful salutation like 'San' which is gender neutral and is equivalent of 'Mr.' 'Mrs.' 'Ms.' is commonly used to address anyone you don't know personally. Click on the Generate Japanese name tool above to get a list of the names you can use for your novel, book, game or name picking. Needless to say, you can always keep clicking over and over to get a new set of names. The options are almost unlimited, just go for the one that you like the sound of.

How to call a Japanese name

Much like its neighboring country China, Japan also lets the family surname come before the first name. For example, if the family name is Furuta and the given name is Yuki, the Japanese will write it as Furuta Yuki and not the other way round. Also, just like Americans, most Japanese people call each other by their family names and not their given names. Calling by the first name is mostly limited to close relatives or first cousins since everyone is supposed to have similar last name. It is almost curt to call someone by their first name if you do not have a close relationship with that person.

Kanji Characters

The complex characters that you see Japanese people use is called Kanji. It is a character writing system that can be used to transcribe different words and has varied pronunciation depending on its usage in a sentence. The simplified versions called Katakana and Hiragana are still not widely used and Kanji are given first preference due to their linguistic ancestry and deep respect for the culture.

Traditional names still hold a lot of value in front of newer westernized names. The newer names are not just picked from Western culture but are heavily inspired from their older names to retain their charm. Names such as Akane, Akasuki and Haruto not only sound cute but carry massive cultural heritage and have deep linguistic appeal.

Generate new Japanese names with our free Japanese name Generator and get abreast with the unique names this country has produced over centuries. Our Japanese name generator is set to bring you the most authentic names and offer you a wide choice to pick from. Let us know if you enjoyed using our generator and if we were of good use to you.

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