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Who has been able to live in complete oblivion of the mega fantasy universe created by the legend J.R.R. Tolkien? Nobody. Everyone has been touched by the beauty Tolkien created with his imagination, depth of mind, art and writing skills. He has been called the best fantasy writer of all times rivaled to the likes of other iconic authors like J.K Rowling and George R.R. Martin. In his epic fantasy novel Lord of the Rings, he created an unparalleled world cohabited by several races. While some races were neutral like the humans and the hobbits, some definitely stretched to the opposite sides of the conduct equilibrium. These species were the Orcs and the Elves. The orcs were sluggish, despiteful, full of filth race that served as the army of the Mordor king, Sauron. In stark contrast to the grimy Orcs were the symbol of purity, The Elves. The elves were the beautiful beings that looked ethereal on the outside and had a heart of gold inside. They were always there to help other races and provide their counsel in times of need. Elves were also known to live unusually long lives due to their purity, committed to the good work and being a purer race. 

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With our Free Elf Name Generator,  we are trying to provide you with hundreds of authentic Elf names that you can use for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re coming up with a fantasy book or trying to dress as an elf for Halloween, or simply try to give your game avatar a name and a personality synonymous to the unadulterated Elves, our Elf name Generator will be of magnificent use. We have fed our generator varied Elven names that can be generated unlimitedly at no charge. Not only does our Elf name Generator work towards equipping your wirth character names for your TV show, game or movie, you may also use it to name a baby in the family. Since most Elven names sound holy, naming a baby girl or a baby boy with such a pure name will only build their character and personality the right way. 


Elves personality

Such masterfully thought and compiled novels like Lord of the Rings come just a few times in a lifetime and leave their mark on people for decades and decades. Who would have thought of such a wonderful harmony among races in one world? Elves, need I say, the most superior of all races, had the purest of hearts and shared feelings of brotherhood with fellow people. Such elevated symbol of of a race so pure only gives life to names that are a mark of virtuousness, morality and integrity. Names such as Vaeril, Lensa, Itylara and Ailyn are examples of names that command respect and sound like people on the path of righteousness and virtue.  

The most uncorrupted race in the book were the Elves, the highest in order and authority for their beauty, artistic abilities and morality. The other races of the middle earth ran short of such virtues and therefore were not as blessed in lifespan as the Elves. Elves, on the other hand enjoyed the stature of mesmerising personalities with big pointy ears, slender physique and figures and beautiful long platinum hair. Their grace resided in their conduct where they were polite, artsy and pure in every way possible. It is believed that Elves were immune to age and lived thousands of years retaining the same beauty and glow on their face. Needless to say, such personalities and beauty should be matched with an equally pleasing name. Our free Elf name Generator will help you figure those pleasing to the ear Elf names that you can name your child, character or avatar with. Select the one that sounds euphonious to you and surprise everyone who gets to hear it or see it in the times to come.

Lord of the Rings saga

The ever-so classic fantasy novel Lord of the Rings demonstrates the feelings of greed, happiness, righteousness, love, enmity and friction between emotions of different races all for one thing, the Ring which is a symbol of ultimate power. The story is set in the middle earth where Celebrimor created seven rings and gave it to the head of seven races marking them as kings of their race. Greed has always been present since the inception of time and therefore one ring was created to rule them all. Sauron, the dark Lord lost that ring in a battle and since then kept building armies of Orcs to attack the world. He was incessantly drawn to the ring which somehow landed in the hands of a Hobbit- Bilbo Baggins. While Bilbo was a happy go lucky hobbit who lived a simple life in the village of Shire, he saw the ring corrupting him. He would get full of greed, jealousy and power when he had the ring close to him. To free himself and the world of such an evil ornament, he gave it to Frodo Baggins, his nephew. Frodo realized he had to burn the ring in the fires of Mount Doom or else Sauron will kill everyone to attain that ring. The book is the story of the protagonist Frodo where he meets all races in between and the challenges he faces in his journey of a thousand mile. Elves were the biggest help in his journey and their mastery at sword fight saved Frodo from Sauron one too many times. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Elves were mystical themselves.

What’s in a name?

If you are amidst writing a fantasy book or trying to name a character of your online game, go ahead and use our Free Elf name Generator and pick a dulcet name that emphasizes on the harmony, beauty and bravery of the character. You may also suggest our Elf name generator to expecting parents. A name like Zulae or Elora instantly takes you to a world of integrity, beauty and warmth. Name a child with something that speaks of grandeur, purity and good character. Not only does it send out a positive vibe and makes people respect the other person but also gives a weight to the personality that the child will most likely turn out to be. Choosing such names all by yourself is not a cakewalk and therefore we made this generator to help you out. With a click of a finger, you can have access to ethereal names that can be used for character building in your book or movie or can be used to bring up a child with a feeling of purity everyday when you call their name. 

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