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Who is a Dragonborn

Say hello to the Free Dragonborn Name Generator where you can get au courant with a multitude of Dragonborn names completely free of cost. If you are not aware of the action role-playing open world video game called Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you must have been living under a rock. Released in 2012 on Xbox and Playstation, this game’s protagonist is Dragonborn. A Dragonborn, though originally born in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons, is a rare species born with the blood and soul of the dragon but the body of a mortal. Speaking Thu’um, the ancient tongue of Dov comes naturally to them. They can shout like dragons through their natural abilities. Although their life span is that of a human being (around 80), they still develop pretty quickly. A dragon hatchling attains the power and strength of a 10-year-old human by the age of three. One interesting thing to note is that their draconic heritage does not interfere with their life choices. Almost all Dragonborn take the correct path but whoever sways to the evil side comes out as a sharp villain.

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The appearance of a Dragonborn

Dragonborn names are a little lengthy and pronounce power like no other. Hit our generator dozens of times to come up with the profusion of options that will help you define the humanoid you are building by the strength of the name. Dragonborn's name is not just otherworldly but is a mighty indication of the strength of that humanoid. Talk about adding weight to the personality! 

As the name suggests, Dragonborns were created by draconic Gods as a human with the face of a dragon. They looked like dragons standing erect and walking on two legs but lacked the tail and the wings. An attractive part of the personality was the vibrant color of the scales on the body. The bronze-colored scales were common but the scarlet, rust or gold scales were scarce.  Most Dragonborn had scales that matched their ancestors and were seen in full pride with white, green or fiery red scales. It wasn’t uncommon to see dragon eggs to hatch to a completely different race as well. Picking traits, eccentricities, and details from both dragons and humans, a Dragonborn was superior in power and strength but just as mortal as a human being. The height of a Dragonborn is a little taller than an average human, somewhere around 6.5 feet and their weight usually pendulums around 300 lbs.

How were the Dragonborn born

Right afer the cataclysmic war between the virtuous and the wicked dragons, the Gods of that time came to a decision to put all their dragons in a deep slumber. The sinful races stole those eggs of the honorable dragons that were asleep and used black magic to create another strong force called Draconians. They were heavy fighters and were distict from one another. An interesting thing to mention is they their capabilities were synonymous to the color of the egg that hatched from. 

What are Dragonborn all about

Dragonborns do not judge anyone or any race based on their societal image or their past actions. They rely heavily on their instinct and conduct themselves around them in a fashion they deem fit. The positive or negative image of he entire race they are dealing with will not affect their conduct. Honor comes before everything to a true dragonborn and all of them stay miles away from dishonorable acts. The rightdoing or the wrondoing do not influence them as much as dishonest and dishonorable actions do. 

Dragonborn are loyal to their clan. They choose a clan and stick to it till the very end. It is literally their world. They will not do anything that brings ill repute to the name of the clan. One powerful characteristic of a Dragonborn is that they live to excel, they master themselves everyday and do not take defeat lightly. Failures are a sign of weak in their clan and  true dragonborns will cross mountains to prove themselves. Any shame to the clan and they can see themself out. Losing just means expulsion and exile for them and hence they are driven and strongheaded about the win. Every Dragonborn is abreast with its responsibilities towards the clan and fulfils it with immense passion. Taking the name of the clan to the pinnacle is the sole purpose of their living.

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