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With over 4000 cities across the globe, we still sometimes struggle to name cities for our shows, books, playing a game with city names, etc. Each city comes with different Pincode and yet we do not know the name of the cities 5 Pincodes apart from us. All popular cities in the world are on top of our head all the time, for example, Seoul, Tokyo, New Delhi, Mumbai, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Paris, London, Stockholm, Honk Kong, Cape Town, Rio, Buenos Aires, Sydney and so on. There are still thousands of cities our brain doesn’t compute even when we try hard to name more than 100 cities in the world. Now, imagine you are writing a book or a script for a movie, placing your incredible story in London or L.A will be redundant but placing the same story in Tromso or Santiago will generate sparks among the audience. Similarly, shooting a web series in Mumbai or New York will bring nothing new to the table, but getting the cast from Canada and shooting for it in Jasper with the Rocky mountains as a permanent backdrop will intrigue people to watch it for the location itself. Cities like Santiago, Medellin, Denver, Reykjavik not only offer fresh names but also provide for a totally fresh location for shooting movies, writing books about or planning a web series in. 

Let’s begin

Our free city name generator will get you abreast with hundreds of beautiful cities from across the globe. Place your characters in a city people want to know. Use that avant-garde approach to become the best seller in no time. We all were hooked onto Narcos on Netflix, partially because of Pablo Escobar but mainly because of the idea of seeing Medellin, an unpopular city that's nested in the foothills of Andes mountains and is called the city of flowers. We all praised the location one hundred times in our head as we saw the cartel riding bikes and jeeps through the hairpin bends of the hills. 

Name newborns after cities or use city names for your fictional romantic novel

So many celebrities are named after cities, be it Dakota Johnson or Kenya Moore. A good city name can be used to name your child or serve as an idea of name your niece, nephew or friend’s kids. A girl named Seattle or a boy named Kingston is sure to be popular at school. You can also name your kids from the array of options our free city name generator provides. A baby boy can be dearly named Oslo, Kyoto, Ubud or Perth. Similarly, baby girls can be named Bristol, Bali, Minsk, Florence or Medina. 

If you are writing a romantic novel, place it in the heart of Porto or amidst the beautiful crown of Europe, Salzburg. These cities are not commonly known but their beauty is enthralling! Not only will people like reading about the characters from a new city but will also enjoy reading about their dates near the river or in beautiful cafes whose entrance gate has hanging Lillies. Cities from all over the world are far apart in appearance, culture, tradition, landscape, and language. 

Use our free city name generator and take yourself on a journey of a thousand miles mentally. Select from an array of options and use those offbeat locations for your movie, series, book or naming a newborn.

Write to us if you liked any option and used it in real life. We always try to come up with unconventional options for our generators to fill you with ideas that are fresh out of the oven.

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